Centella asiatica is Umbellifere classified family and most of them is grow in a humid place. The plant is found in most tropical and subtropical countries, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, South Africa, the South Pacific and Eastern Europe. This plant is tasteless and has a small fan-shaped green leaves. This plant is used for medical treatment. We can use these plant to purify the blood, treat high blood pressure and improve our memory. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of Centella asiatica.

Wounds treatment

Centella asiatica has been used traditionally for wound healing process. Several studies have reported that the extract of Centella asiatica can be used to increase cellular proliferation and collagen synthesis in the wounds. Injuries that treated with Centella asiatica are more quickly recovered when it’s compared with untreated wounds. The active compound in Centella asiatica is saponin or triterpenoid. Saponin is some kind of compound that work actively to heal wounds by inhibiting the production of collagen in the wound.

Strengthen your blood vessels

One of the benefits Centella asiatica is to strengthen the weakened blood vessels. The active ingredient Centella asiatica can be used to maintenance connective tissue. Centella asiatica also works actively in vascular tissue, lowering hypertension and decreasing capillary filtration rate. Centella asiatica very useful if consumed by people with hypertension.

Revitalize nerve and brain cells

Centella asiatica is known as an excellent traditional herb to increase brain power and improve cognitive function. Centella asiatica can affect alertness, improve intellectual performance and focus. Centella asiatica is a high source of antioxidants. Centella asiatica is very good if consumed by children and active workers who require high quality memory. Centella asiatica can also stimulate the growth of new brain cells. The active compound of Centella asiatica can be used to release neurotropic factors that stimulate the growth of new brain cells. The regularly consumption of Centella asiatica is useful to stimulate the branching of dendrites and nourish the nerves muscles.

Centella asiatica can be consumed in various ways. To get maximum results, Centella asiatica can be consumed in a fresh state. It tasteless and bitter when you eat it directly. You can use it as one of the salad ingredients and mix it with the other sweet vegetables. You can also use it as main ingredients for a chips and fry it with a flour. That will be a healthy snacks for a mind workers.

By kimi