What is a microgreen?

Just as the name suggests, microgreen or mini version of the plant is a plant that is harvested earlier than it should be when the plant already has a height of about 3 cm and has two leaves. Because it is harvested in a young age, microgreens contain beneficial enzymes because these plants are in the fastest growing rate. In contrast to sprouts, microgreen also has the possibility of low bacterial content because only the leaves and stalks are consumed. Mikrogreen can be used as a basic ingredient to make salads, soups, sandwiches, and other dishes. Mikrogreen is often served in restaurants because it feels light and very easy to develop itself. With the right care and equipment, you can have a small garden in your own home.

What crops can be used for microgreen?

Plants that can be used for microgreen is a leaf vegetable, medicinal plants, or flowering plants that can be consumed. For those who have never tried it, I recommend to use fast-growing plants such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce or sunflower. You can choose one type or mix different types of plants for your micro-screen.

How to plant a microgreen?

To grow microgreen plants, there are some tools and materials you should prepare. The tool to be used is a tray or wide container that has been hollowed down the bottom, spray, and plastic cover. The ingredients are crop seeds (choose one type or mixture of plant species), soil, and supporting media such as charcoal husk or sand.

First, you must mix the media to be used. We can use a mixture of soil and charcoal husk or soil and sand. The comparison we can use for the medium is one to one.

Then insert the media mixture into the container and smooth the surface of the media.

After that, prepare the seeds that we will use then spread the seeds onto the media evenly.

Coat the surface of the seeded medium with a very thin layer of soil or immerse the seed with a board that has a large surface.

Sirami the surface of the media with enough water evenly then cover the media container by using a plastic cover.

And last is to place the container in a bright, shaded room (not exposed to direct sunlight).

How to take care of microgreen?

How to take care of it is very easy. We only have to spray the surface of the media with water twice a day until the plant is ready to be harvested.

Harvesting time?

Harvesting time varies depending on the seed used. Usually not more than one month, which is only two to three weeks. The easiest way to determine it is by looking at the plants. If the plant already has a height of about 3 cm and has two leaves, then the microgreen is ready to be harvested.

By kimi