Piper Retrofractum or Javanese Chili is a vine plant from the Piperaceae family. This plant has been cultivated to produce the fruit. Generally, these chillies are dried and used as cooking ingredients and herbs. The chemical compounds contained in Piper Retrofractum is Piperine, Palmitic Acids, Sesamin, Piperidin, Essensial Oil, Chavicine, Palmitic Acids and Tetrahydropiperic Acids. This chemical content is very beneficial for health.

Piper Retrofractum is different from chili in general. This chili must be consumed in dry form. This chili cannot be eaten immediately. The spicy flavor in this chilli is not like ordinary chili. Piper Retrofractum will increase Brody temperature. Piper Retrofractum has a warming effect like pepper.

Piper Retrofractum is a Indonesian plant. Piper Retrofractum can be found throughout Indonesia. This plant grows everywhere. This plant is still exists today. However, it’s rather difficult to get it because Piper Retrofractum is only used as a herb.

Piper Retrofractum grows on dry land in Java, Madura, Bali and Maluku. This native Indonesian plant is popular as a herbaceous plant and grows in lowland forests. This plant also requires sufficient sunlight.

Piper Retrofractum physically cylindrical, rounded with pointed top. It’s growing and twisting like pepper plants. The leaves is heart-shaped leaves with glandular spots. This color change is similar to the capsicum. It feels a bit similar, which is a little spicy with a typical aromatic. Piper Retrofractum grow in dry and hot areas, namely at an altitude of 0-500 meters above the sea level.

Piper Retrofractum is well known around public in Indonesia because of the extraordinary benefits for health. Some of the benefits of Piper Retrofractum are used as a kitchen spice and also used for medical purposes such as cold medicine, fever, colds, etc.

By kimi