Anthurium andraeanum is an ornamental plant that is often found in every home. Anthurium andraeanum is an ornamental plant that is quite popular because of its durability and easy maintenance. This plant has the shape of leaves and flowers that resemble the heart. Although the treatment is fairly easy, we still have to pay attention to some elements so that the Anthurium andraeanum looks more beautiful and valuable. Curious what elements to watch out for? You will find out after reading this article further.

Anthurium andraeanum is a plant that can tolerate all kinds of rays. Anthurium andraeanum growth will be slower when planted in less-irradiated areas. However, Anthurium andraeanum should not be placed in direct sunlight. If we put it in direct sunlight, its leaves will burn. We recommend putting Anthurium andraeanum plants on bright places that are not exposed to direct sunlight.

The best media for Anthurium andraeanum is a medium that has good drainage and can hold a little water. If you plant it in pots or polybags, you should use a mixture medium between soil, charcoal, husk or fern. If you plant it in hot areas, you should use a medium that can hold more water, such as a mixture of soil and husk with a slightly increased proportion of the ground. Make sure you have watered Anthurium andraeanum periodically and do not look dry or too wet. If the medium is too dry, the Anthurium andraeanum root will be difficult to develop. If the medium is too wet, the Anthurium andraeanum root will rot and the Anthurium andraeanum will die.

Anthurium andraeanum does not fertilize too much. This plant only requires fertilizer three or four months. If Anthurium andraeanum looks less healthy, fertilization intensity should be propagated until the Anthurium andraeanum looks fresh again. I suggest to use the leaf fertilizer and the application time I recommend is during the afternoon. If you want a fast-flowering Anthurium andraeanum, use a fertilizer that has high levels of phosphorus (P). If the Anthurium andraeanum is in its infancy, use a fertilizer that has high nitrogen (N) levels.

Well, if you look at the elements I’ve explained in the article and apply them directly, I’m sure you can get a beautiful and healthy Anthurium andraeanum.

By kimi